Have A Healthier Smile By Getting A Root Canal In Farmington Hills

Even though the teeth have an extremely hard outer layer, they are still vulnerable to wearing down under sustained attack. When you eat or drink anything, especially if it contains a lot of sugar, traces of it remain on the teeth and get stuck in between. Unless you are very diligent at cleaning out your teeth frequently, these traces of food create plaque which gradually eats away at the teeth. This causes discomfort, increased sensitivity and eventually, cavities. In Farmington Hills, you can have a root canal done to reverse these damages and restore your teeth.

How Does A Root Canal Work?

Cavities are one of the most common oral health issues. They are generally pretty easy to correct. In some cases, however, a cavity can get so severe that it eats away into the very nerve of the tooth. In these cases, special treatment needs to be undergone so that the rotten tooth can be saved. A root canal is a solution to this problem. During a root canal procedure, your tooth will first be thoroughly cleaned out. All the rotted tissue will be carefully removed, and the tooth will be sanitized, to ensure that there is no lingering bacteria or plaque. Depending on the severity of the cavity, your tooth will either receive a filling or have a porcelain crown placed over it, in order to provide better structural support.

Trust Farmington Hills To Provide You With The Best Root Canal Procedure

When you need root canal treatment, it is normal to feel nervous. This dental procedure has the reputation of being painful. At a good dental clinic in Farmington Hills, they will make sure you are completely comfortable during and after the procedure. You won’t have to dread the procedure but can relax while your smile is repaired.

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