Prolong Engine Life with a Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Garden Grove, CA

If your business has a fleet of diesel vehicles, whether they are trucks, buses, or heavy construction equipment, regular maintenance is important to keep your fleet on the job. To help keep the engines running smoothly, scheduling diesel particulate filter cleaning in Garden Grove, CA, can prolong the life of your vehicles. Here are three more benefits of having these filters regularly cleaned.

Prevent Fines

Per the EPA, all diesel vehicles built after 2007 must be equipped with DPFs, but California law requires those manufactured prior to 2007 to be retrofitted with DPFs. Keeping the filters clean will help your company meet air quality standards set by the federal government and the state, which will prevent your company from being fined if vehicles fail their emissions tests. Several companies offer diesel particulate filter cleaning, including DPF Medic.

Extends Engine Life

A clogged filter can cause a loss of fuel economy and power because once it is plugged past a certain point, the vehicle’s onboard computer will derate the engine. If the clogged filter isn’t cleaned and the vehicle continues to be driven, it will cause the vehicle to breakdown, and the DPF may need to be replaced. Depending on the vehicle, replacing diesel particulate filters can cost between $5,000 to $10,000.

Reduces Costs

By keeping DPFs clean, the engines will perform better, which means better fuel mileage and lower fuel costs. In addition, regular diesel particulate filter cleaning will prevent unnecessary maintenance for engine power issues. DPF cleaning is less expensive than replacing filters and vehicles, so your company could easily save thousands of dollars per year with regular filter cleanings.

If your vehicle’s engines are not performing as they should, schedule a diesel particulate filter cleaning for each vehicle to keep their engines running at their best.

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