Three Reasons for Inconsistent Temperatures in Heating Systems in Waldorf, MD

Do you have employees complaining about one part of the office being too cold while others are complaining about their area being too hot? When the heat is running during the winter, temperature inconsistencies will not only prompt complaints, but can increase operating costs as well. Here are three reasons for inconsistent temperatures in commercial buildings.

Blocked Vents

The reason for inconsistent temperatures from office heating systems in Waldorf, MD can be as simple as blocked vents. If furniture or cubicle configurations are blocking vents, you should move the desks, file cabinets or cubicles near them to allow a free flow of air. Once everything has been rearranged, you should notice more consistent temperatures and fewer complaints.

Leaking Air Ducts

Inconsistent temperatures can also be caused by leaking air ducts. Leaking air ducts can reduce the efficiency of heating systems by up 20%, which means they are causing your money to be wasted. Holes in air ducts or loose seams can cause the leaks, which will need to be repaired by a heating contractor in Waldorf, MD. The contractor can also check the furnace and clean it to help improve the system’s efficiency.

Wrong Size of Unit

Having the wrong size of furnace can also cause temperature inconsistencies throughout the office. Having the wrong size unit forces it to work harder, which can lead to frequent breakdowns and higher repair costs. A commercial HVAC company can measure your current system and recommend the right size from the various heating systems they sell.

Replacing a heating system can be expensive, but it can help reduce operating and repair costs, which can recover your investment in a new system over time. By replacing an old, worn out system, you will not only reduce your costs, but your employees will be more comfortable as well. This can lead to improved productivity, which is another benefit of a new HVAC system.

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