With Proper Care, the Manono in Oahu, HI Adds to Your Landscape

When the conversation turns to native plants of any region on the planet, it’s probably best to get to the details of specific plants as soon as possible. After all, looking closely at a few of these species in detail will tell you most of what you need to know about the flora of a region. It will also tell you a lot about the environment and lifestyle that you can expect in each location.

A Great Example

For example, consider the Manono, which grows in all of Hawaii with a couple of notable exceptions. You can refer to these as shrubs or small trees as long as you consider that the category allows growth up to fifteen feet. One feature that certainly stands out is the green leaves with a very glossy surface. Add to this the fact that the leaves grow in closely associated pairs and you have just about all you need to identify this plant.

Flowers of the Manono in Oahu, HI are often green, but some plants will produce purple flowers as well. People appreciate the narrow, star-shaped petals that generally produce in clusters. You’ll also see the fruit of the darkest colors, such as blue, purple, and almost black.

Find Yours

To find your plants, visit Hawaiiannativeplants.com. There, you’ll discover an extensive inventory that includes this plant, which can grow to elevations as high as 6,000 feet. If you’ve seen a traditional Hawaiian lei, it may have been made with the fruit clusters and flowers of this native species.

For those interested in using the Manono as part of landscape design, plan on placing this plant in partial shade and giving it plenty of water. With proper attention, this plant will add a lot to your landscape, though you’ll need to watch for pests that can cause leaf deformation.

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