Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tipp City, OH is There to Protect You

If you are having financial problems, a bankruptcy may very well be the answer to your troubles. After all, everyone gets into financial trouble at one time or another. Sometimes, it is irresponsible behavior. Other times, it is due to things that are beyond your control. Medical bills are a perfect example of this. Maybe you lost your job, and you also lost your health insurance. If you have health problems, you would still need to go to the doctor’s office. It wouldn’t be long before those medical bills caught up to you. When those bills get out of hand, you would want to set up an appointment with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tipp City OH.

The law offices of Shipman Dixon and Livingston Co. L.P.A. Tipp City, OH will be happy to sit down with you and go over everything that you need to know about filing a bankruptcy. They will talk with you about the type of debt that you have so that they can help you to determine which type of bankruptcy will be best for you. If you are in danger of losing your home to the bank because you have fallen behind on your mortgage payment, this isn’t the end of the road. You may be surprised to find out that you can hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tipp City OH, who may be able to help you stay in your home.

Of course, there is debt that you won’t be able to include in your bankruptcy. A perfect example of this is past due child support. A student loan is something else you won’t be able to put in your bankruptcy. However, this is something that your bankruptcy lawyer can tell you more about. Even if you aren’t certain whether or not you are ready to file a bankruptcy, you can always set up a consultation appointment. This will give you the chance to talk with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tipp City OH, who will give you the facts. At this point, if you decide that you would like to file, your bankruptcy lawyer will get started with the paperwork and contacting your creditors. Visit for more information.



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