3 Benefits of Automatic Hand Dryers

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Business

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When you step into a public restroom, one of the many things that you do to keep your hands clean is to try to avoid touching things after you wash them. Many people prefer bathrooms in public places that have an open doorway leading around a corner, so they don’t have to touch a handle to get out. Others love automatic soap dispensers or automatic hand dryers, so no contact is made with anything between using the restroom and sanitizing your hands. Here are three benefits for choosing automatic hand dryers from World Dryer.

1. Get rid of waste and make managing the restroom easier.

Paper towels can create a lot of waste, and not only can that be bad for the environment, but it also makes it harder to keep the restroom clean and tidy. Paper towels often end up on the floor, in puddles under sinks, or in overflowing trash receptacles. Hand dryers allow the restroom to stay cleaner and more presentable throughout the day and don’t require you to consonantly worry about running out of supplies before your next delivery.

2. Offer a more sanitary experience for guests or employees.

Whether the restroom serves the public or is just for the employees in your building, everyone wants to leave the restroom feeling hygienic. Automatic hand dryers eliminate the need to press a button, so you don’t have to worry about getting any bacteria on your wet hands. Just hold your hands under the air flow, have the water stripped away, and move on with perfectly clean hands.

3. Save energy and time for you and your guests.

Automatic hand dryers are often far more efficient, working faster and using less energy to do so. That means that they dry hands faster, which saves your guests time, and means that you don’t have to worry about your energy bill going up. The faster guests get out of the restroom, the faster they can go back to the purpose of their visit in your establishment.

World Dryer has a selection of automatic hand dryers that can help you outfit a restroom for everyone’s comfort, convenience, and hygiene. You can find models such as the VERDEdri which offer fat dry times, extended lifespans, and HEPA filtration to ensure sanitation when in use. Keep your property up-to-date with advanced automatic hand dryers for the restrooms.

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