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3 Money Saving Car Rental Tips

3 Money Saving Car Rental Tips Posted on February 15, 2016

There are a lot of things in the universe you have no control over—economic downturns, climate change, and on most days, the traffic. So relying no public transportation can be a bit of hassle to manage, especially if you’re flying into the country for a few days or weeks of stay. One way to avoid that is to rent a car. Having a ride makes it easier for you to get around.

Benefits of a Rental Car
Whether you’re in town for business, leisure or both, you can effectively manage your time better when you’ve got transportation at the ready instead of wasting time waiting and calling for a cab to pick you up. Remember that when you’re on vacation, every second matters. And long term car rental rates and services in Puerto Jimenez, you can go any where, any time. You won’t have to wait around so you can get more done off your checklist, whether it’s for work or fun.

Saving on Rental Costs
Want to keep costs low while you’re there? Take a look at some of these tips from Business Travel Life to help you save up so you can have more for your Happy Fund.

  • Choose a small car. If you’re alone, with only your luggage with you, take the smallest car available. Just make sure you don’t have a ton of luggage or gear packed along. If you do, you might end up needing a bigger one to have ample space for you and your gear. That or you could just try to pack along fewer things, if possible. Also, smaller cars need less fuel, effectively reducing your gas spending as well.
  • Check online promotions. Some rental services offer promos on their sites so have a look-see before you decide on which service to get.
  • Use your smart phone instead of a GPS. GPS can tack on extra charges on your total bill. Instead of requesting for GPS on that car, make use of your smartphone’s Google Maps feature to find your way to your destination. If Wifi connection is wonky, back up by doing it old school: noting the directions down on pen and paper.

So stay in control of your schedule. Rent a car and have an easier time getting wherever you need to go, and exploring at your own pace while staying on top of your savings.

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