3 Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Law Firms

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You and your beloved have every intention of marrying and spending the rest of your lives together. The reality is that not every marriage works out. Choosing to talk with a family law attorney Jupiter FL and create a prenuptial agreement is one of the best ways to be prepared for whatever may happen. Here are three reasons why this type of agreement should be created.

It Requires Both Parties to Take a Look at Their Financial State

In order to prepare a comprehensive agreement, both parties have to take a good look at their finances. This is actually helpful in terms of preventing financial strife after the wedding vows are exchanged. When both parties provide full disclosure before the marriage takes place, there is less chance of arguments about money to occur later on.

The Agreement Covers Personal Property as Well as Financial Assets

While much of the focus is on who brings what financial assets to the union, this type of agreement can also be used to ensure that each party retains ownership of any personal belongings that were brought into the marriage. The family law attorney Jupiter FL can also structure the agreement terms so there is a division of belongings acquired during the marriage that both parties believe would be fair.

Reaching a Divorce Settlement is Simpler and Faster

When a divorce seems to be the only solution, there are many details that must be addressed. One benefit of a prenuptial agreement is that many of those details are already settled. That makes it all the easier to prepare the necessary documents, receive the divorce, and allow both parties to get on with their lives.

Remember that having a prenuptial agreement does not mean either party is planning on getting a divorce. It’s simply a way to be prepared if the unthinkable should come to pass. Schedule a consultation with a family law attorney Jupiter FL and come up with terms that both parties consider fair. If the marriage does last, the document can remain tucked away in a drawer and never mentioned again.

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