3 Ways to Avoid Winter Weather Accidents

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Law

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When winter hits Illinois, the roads can get dangerous very fast. As an experienced DeKalb auto accident attorney office, we often deal with cases that happened during icy or snowy conditions. The weather can make operating your vehicle an entirely new experience, and if you aren’t prepared for the changes in the way your vehicle responds to you, you could be facing some serious challenges. Here are three ways to avoid accidents this winter.

  • The Number One Winter Driving Tip from Your DeKalb Auto Accident Attorney

Our number one tip is to take care of your tires before and during the winter weather. Your tires are the most vital part of your vehicle’s response during the winter, and can make or break your driving experience. First, be sure that your tires have the right air pressure every time you leave the house and will be in bad conditions. During the winter, tires routinely lose air pressure due to the difference in the temperature. This gives them less traction. Another thing to keep in mind is that winter tires are a good way to keep your car safer in the winter. These have more traction for tackling icy conditions.

  • Brake and Accelerate Properly in the Winter

The way you brake and accelerate in the bad weather will be the next most important part of staying safe on the roads. In general, you need to slow down both braking and accelerating, to allow the car more time to grip the road when performing either action. Be sure to drive slowly, accelerate smoothly, and give yourself lots of time to brake before you need to come to a stop. If you are sliding, it is better to pump your brake rather than slam and hold it, and it’s always better to brake in a controlled, slow manner if you can.

  • Be Hyper Vigilant

Finally, you should always pay extra attention when on an icy road with your car. Even if you have four-wheel drive, you should pay close attention to the driving conditions and how your car is responding to you as you go. These are the best ways to avoid having to find a DeKalb auto accident attorney during the winter.

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