4 Mesa Carpet Installation Myths That Need to Be Shattered Right Away

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Flooring Contractor

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In the past few decades, quite a few myths about carpet installation have planted themselves into the public consciousness. While the myths presented here are false, at least one of them will be spread by home decor experts at some point. This blog post will shatter all of these myths.

Carpet Installation Mesa Is Really Expensive

Carpeting acts as one of the least inexpensive flooring options. Not only is carpet installation Mesa less expensive than hardwood flooring, but it can also last longer if it’s taken care of properly. There are some flooring options that are cheaper than carpet installation in the shorter term. But when you factor in replacing this type of flooring every five years as opposed to going with carpeting, it’s carpeting that will win out in the end.

Carpeting Requires A Lot of Maintenance

Many homeowners get warned away from carpeting because they’re told that it will take too much work to maintain. Carpets are actually way easier to look after than hardwood flooring, for example. You will only have to vacuum every week and get it steam cleaned once a year.

Carpets Harbor Bacteria And Trigger Allergies

Carpets actually trap pollen and dust so that they don’t circulate in the air and get inhaled by the residents. Only extremely dirty carpets are a danger to people with asthma or a weakened immune system. Carpets can also aid in noise reduction and insulation.

Carpets Are Bad For the Environment

These days, carpets can be made from eco-friendly materials. Because of their insulation-friendly nature, carpets can reduce the amount of energy that your family uses every year. Now that part is good for the environment!

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