4 Reasons for Springtime Brake Repair in White Bear Lake MN

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Auto Repair

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Winter can be tough, but spring is always right around the corner. Snow thaws, ice cracks, and the weather starts to get warmer. As the seasons change, many drivers realize that their cars-;and their brakes-;have taken a real beating. Below are a few ways that winter weather can wear brakes prematurely, and some information on how break repair in White Bear Lake MN can erase some of that winter damage.

Thickening of Brake Fluid

The colder it is outside, the denser and thicker fluids become. When fluids thicken, more force is required for movement. For brakes, wintertime fluid thickening may mean slower response. Over time, the braking system must work harder to get fluid where it needs to go, and internal parts can become damaged. When spring arrives, be sure to get the fluid checked out and replaced if necessary.


As freeze/thaw cycles continue, they create stress on all of a vehicle’s systems including the brakes. Small leaks may escape a driver’s notice, but as they grow and multiply, the damage will become readily apparent. Have the brake system flushed and assessed for leaks to keep the pedal off the floorboard and the brakes working as they should.


Road damage is an unpleasant fact for most drivers, and winter can make potholes worse as snowplows scrape the road and the cold damages the asphalt. If a driver hits a pothole the wrong way, the rotors can be dented and the brake system damaged. If the winter roads are rough, ask a professional to look over the braking system for dents, dings and damage.

Winter Buildup

Braking systems work by clamping rotors attached to a car’s wheels. By dissipating and distributing the force of the car’s momentum, the brakes bring the vehicle to a slow, even stop. However, this doesn’t always work in winter driving conditions. Driving through ice, snow and mud can lead to buildup on the brakes, but a springtime trip to the repair shop can get them cleaned up and working like new.

As seasons change, a driver’s needs change as well. After a rough winter, it’s important to contact American Imports for Break Repair in White Bear Lake MN. When a car is treated right, it will treat the driver right by keeping them safe on the road.

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