4 Signs That A Homeowner Should Contact A Residential Roofer In Nassau County NY

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Roofing, Roofing Contractor

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Many homeowners are not able to tell that there is a problem with their roof until it is too late. As soon as water starts leaking into the home, it can cause damage to the structure of the home and to the contents of the home. If the homeowner knew how to spot problems on the roof, they could have prevented the leak before it started. There are a few common roof problems that all homeowners should be able to recognize. As soon as they discover the problems, they can contact a residential roofer in Nassau County NY.

Curling and Clawing Shingles

When a roof gets old and when it is exposed to excessive heat, the shingles can start curling and clawing. When this happens, the shingles are susceptible to being lifted by high winds, also, ice damage can serious problems. This can cause the shingles to lift up or come off the roof. Eventually, it will create an entry point for later to leak into the home.

Buckling Shingles

When the shingles on a roof start to buckle, a vertical waved distortion will be visible on the roof. When the shingles start to buckle, they can be torn off the roof by the wind or in icy conditions. This problem can occur if the roof is old or if the roof was poorly installed.

Missing Shingles

The easiest problem to discover on a roof is missing shingles. This is because the homeowner will find the shingles on the ground near the house. Because shingles protect the home from the elements, they should be replaced as soon as the homeowner discovers them on the ground.

Bare Spots and Missing Shingles

If the downspouts on a house have been poorly placed or if water is able to pool on the roof, it can wash away the granules on the roof. The granules are a rough, rocky coating that protects the shingles from the heat and the sun. Once the granules wash away, the shingles can start to crack. If the homeowner notices black debris in their gutters and downspouts, it is a sure sign that the granules on the shingles have washed away.

The sooner a homeowner discovers that there is a problem with the roof, the sooner they can contact a Residential Roofer in Nassau County NY, protecting their home. For more information, contact North Shore Roofing And Siding Corp.

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