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4 Things You Should Know About Bail Bonding in Arlington, TX

4 Things You Should Know About Bail Bonding in Arlington, TX Posted on May 9, 2019

Family members who want to help a loved one who has been arrested may not know much about the bail bond process if they’ve never been through it before. When they need to speak with a bondsman about obtaining a bail bond, they will want to make sure they know what to expect. Below are some things to know about bail bonding in Arlington, TX before trying to obtain a bond.

Bonds Can Be Secured with Cash or Collateral

Bail bonds need to be secured, but this can be done with a cash deposit or with collateral. The cash deposit is typically 10% of the bail amount and is kept as a service fee when the bond is no longer needed. Collateral can be anything of value, as long as it is higher than the bail amount. This is returned at the end of the bond but may be forfeit if the terms are not followed.

Bail Bonds Can Be Obtained Any Time

A family member doesn’t need to wait until morning or a weekday to obtain a bail bond. Bonds can be obtained in the middle of the night, during the weekend, and on holidays. This allows the arrested person to be released as quickly as possible so they can find a lawyer and start working on a defense.

Some Bondsmen Will Pay the Bail Immediately

Family members will want to look for a bondsman who is prepared to pay the bail immediately. While this doesn’t mean the arrested person will be released immediately, it does help speed up the process. The arrested person will be released once the bail is paid and the jail has time to process it.

Bond Terms Must Be Followed Until Hearings Are Done

Those who are released from jail after a bond is secured for them will need to adhere to all of the terms of the bond. Failure to do this could land the person in jail again, the bail is lost, and they must stay in jail until their hearings are complete. It can also mean the person who obtained the bond will lose their collateral or be required to pay the remaining percentage.

If you’d like to help someone who has been arrested, make sure you look into bail bonding in Arlington, TX now. Visit the website for a bondsman now to learn more and to get help right away.

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