4 Tips for Hiring an Aluminum Extrusion Company

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Business

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Standard as well as stocked extrusions often get the job done. But sometimes, they don’t have what it takes to complete a part, product or project. That’s how custom extrusions save the day, says WorldClassCad. With custom extrusions dies, you can get the exact specifications you need for any part, product or project you have in mind. Next thing you need to work out, then, is to find the right aluminum extrusion company to create your custom parts. Here are a few tips to help you find through the process:

1. Do your research. Go online and look over popular and credible sites of aluminum extrusion companies. Supplement that research by asking around. Reach out to your professional network, especially those who already have some experience in using custom extrusions in their products. Put together a list of potential companies and work from there.

2. Ask about their services. To start checking the names on the list, call each one. Ask after their services, operating hours, production requirements and cut-offs. That way, you can adjust your time lines as well or find a way to take advantage of their cut-off cycles. Also, figure out if they have a team willing to help you create your own custom extrusion dies. This is an advantage to you since you can refine a design with their help. So ask away. Know as much as you can over the phone. This will help you determine later which one among these aluminum extrusion companies will give you the best deal, service and price.

3. Visit the site. If you can, swing by the site. This way, you can personally check if the facility has the equipment, tools and manpower necessary to take care of your order. With so many cases of bogus companies that only exist on paper, this is a good way to verify for yourself that you’re doing business with a legitimate company.

4. Check quality and delivery. Choose the aluminum extrusion company that provides you with quality and on-time delivery of the extrusions. You’ve got deadlines to meet too and knowing you can count on that company to help you beat those deadlines will matter more than having to work with a company that supplies impressive though delayed deliveries of those extrusions.

Find the best possible company to manufacture your custom extrusions. With quality custom ones, your part, product or project is certain to stand out in the market.

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