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4 Tips to Successful Dog Boarding

4 Tips to Successful Dog Boarding Posted on December 1, 2017

If it’s not feasible to travel with your canine companion for the holidays, dog boarding offers a viable alternative. The right pet care facility can diffuse the tension of leaving your pet behind. Here are a few tips for finding a kennel that will make your pup feel “at home” while he’s away from home.

Consider Your Pet’s Needs
When looking for a pet care facility, consider your pet’s needs. Do they need a lot of exercise? Does they like socialization? Do they have medical issues that need to be monitored? Are they on a special diet? Your dog will adjust easier and be happier in a kennel that can fulfill his needs.

Tour the Facility
Visit various kennels in your area and compare what they have to offer. Talk to staff members to get an idea of the facility’s schedule and mode of operation. Ask staff how they handle such details as housing, feeding, exercise, socialization, and grooming. Check the facility’s credentials to ensure their staff is certified and experienced in pet care.

Make Reservations in Advance
Good kennels fill up fast, especially during the holidays. If you want to get your pooch into a reputable facility, make your reservation at least several weeks in advance. You can also ask if the facility offers a discount for boarding more than one dog or for extended stays.

Do a Test Run
Once you find a potential kennel, do a “test run” to see how your pup likes the place. Start with a day or weekend to get your dog adjusted to a new environment. Leave your dog with something from home — a favored toy, blanket or dog dish — to make for a smoother transition.

These tips can make boarding a pleasant and enjoyable experience for both you and your pup.

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