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5 Reasons Digital Signage Gives Your Business an Edge

5 Reasons Digital Signage Gives Your Business an Edge Posted on May 10, 2016

Digital signage is already giving businesses an edge over their competition. If you want to get in on the action, then start making the switch from print to digital. Here are some of the best reasons why you should:


It’s one of the best advantages that digital signage offer companies, says Sixteen Nine. It’s also why it’s especially a great tool for startups as well as small to medium-size companies who don’t have the marketing millions big businesses have. By using digital signage to reach out to a reach out to an audience, to market a product or service, you can easily compete with big businesses, regardless of how small your marketing budget happens to be.


Digital signage, unlike print, are better for the environment. Once the promotion is over, there’s no need to deal with a ton of marketing materials made of up tarp, paper or plastic. No need to waste time and resources on proper disposal either. And because you there’s no plastic to burn, you won’t have to worry about releasing noxious gases into the air and contributing to the ever-increasing global warming.

User data

Interactive kiosks can easily capture a customer’s user data. This lets companies know what their customers respond to and not, giving them more insight into what messages, times and styles their consumers like best. This way, they can redesign their campaigns to match what reigning consumer tastes for maximum conversion and earnings.

Real-time updates

Businesses use a variety of ways to reach out to consumers. Outdoor Digital signage, compared to other mediums, are well able to provide consumers who are waiting in line or going to work with new information about new promos, products or services. They’re able to market real-time updates at any time, making them a convenient tool for marketers.

Faster project completion

A lot of digital outdoor signs are easy to revise or change. You can add design element and turn it into a marketing campaign fit for the season. That’s not possible when you work with print since every revision can take considerable time to implement. If an overhaul of the overall design is needed, that’s going to push back the deadlines even more. With digital signage, though, you can get your marketing materials as soon as possible.

So if you want to explore new and better ways to engage your consumers –and get ahead of the competition—give this one a shot.

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