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6 Reasons Why We Go Crazy Over Pizza

6 Reasons Why We Go Crazy Over Pizza Posted on February 9, 2017

Pizza is love. It’s one of the few culinary achievements out there that really have a special place in pretty much everybody’s hearts—or rather, stomachs. Here’s why it’s still one of the best food ever:

Snack or meal? You decide

You get a crispy, thin crust (or sometimes a thick, chewy one) to go with all that savory, gooey cheese and a mountain of bacon bits, chicken or mushrooms, whichever toppings you could possibly want. It definitely makes for a great snack or meal.

It’s available at night

Got up at 10 pm and hungry all of a sudden? Nowhere to go for that quick carb craving and don’t want to have to go out just to get food? With so many pizza parlors around, you won’t have to. Just put in a call to a pizza home delivery service in San Diego CA and you’ll get your close to midnight snack in no time.

It’s all good

Whatever kind of pizza out there is always good. Hot or cold, with whatever toppings you have, it tastes good all the time. It’s one of the best reasons why people go crazy over pizza pies, Buzzfeed says.

It’s meant to be shared

Pizza also makes for a great food for you and your friends and family. Just call a pizza home delivery service in San Diego CA, order the biggest one they have—with all the works—and you’ll be all set.

It’s great party fare

Can’t think of what to bring to dinner at home or a casual get-together? Go with pizza. It’s a party favorite for a reason. You won’t have to worry about bringing along a home-cooked meal when you bring along this goodness to the party.

It’s delicious

The best reason to go for pizza? It’s delicious. All that hot, cheesy awesomeness is like heaven in every bite. Facebook

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