6 Ways to Shop for a Used Car

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Automotive

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A car will be with you for the next few years so getting a good one and a good deal counts. Set on getting a pre-owned Kia model? Here are a few ways shop for preloved Kia cars without getting taken in by scams and tricks:

Go around

Some people go with the first dealership they find and that’s the worst move to make, on several levels. Not scouting around for options can doom you to higher interest rates and less—if not zero—freebies and discounts.


Ask around or go online for Kia cars for sale in Dennville NJ. This should help you come up with a list of potential dealers pretty quick. Put them all together in a list and get started on narrowing down your choices.

Look for experience

Choose experienced and recognized dealerships. That way, you’re sure you’re doing business with credible and reputable dealers who aren’t out to simply make sale or commission.

Know what car to get

Know what you want. Then research on that make and model, says TheAA. Be sure you know what the going rate is in the market. So when it’s time to negotiate, you’ll have a good idea if the deal is a good one or not.

Ask about possible discounts

Dealers might not be willing to tell you all about those discounts unless you ask. So always make it a point to ask about them. That’s a great way to slash a few dollars off the price tag.


Put your negotiating skills to good use. Don’t have them? Best to get someone to help you shop and ask for a better deal. A car is a pretty major purchase so it’s smart to get help from friends or family.

So keep these things in mind when you shop for a preloved car that’s perfect for your needs and budget.

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