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A Few Tips For Dealing With Car Dealers

A Few Tips For Dealing With Car Dealers Posted on October 23, 2015

When you are ready to buy a new car and you visit various dealerships’ you should be looking for the car you want at a competitive price along with excellent attention from the staff and the best after sales service possible.

Over the last ten years or so the dealer experience as well as the showroom has changed considerably. Today, the showroom and the people who work in it are more oriented to dealing with whole families and are far more friendly and accommodating to single women buyers who now represent a considerable sector of the market. One of the most noticeable changes is the sales process; when buyers today walk into Chevy dealers in Lockport they are better armed with details and information, the internet has allowed buyers the opportunity to research the car they want long before they visit the showroom.

Those that intend to buy a used car are wise enough by now to understand that they can get a very accurate retail price of what they are looking for off the internet. In the past the only way was to refer to the Blue Book which was hard to come by, today the same information that is in the Blue Book is also on the internet. Buyers have a good idea of what to expect based on such factors are the vehicles condition and the model year.

For those intending to purchase a new car there are a couple of important things to consider:

Availability: Determine in advance what it is you want, you will need the full specs including any and all optional equipment that you want installed. As soon as you begin talking to a sales exec tell him or her you want; the exec will come back with the models they have available from stock, rarely will they meet your spec exactly. Chevy dealers in Lockport are linked with other Chevy dealers in the state, there is a very good chance the car you want is available, your dealer can usually arrange to get it. This is common in the industry; there should be no reason for you to go too far away from your original spec’s.

Finance structure: If you have negative equity in your current trade-in make sure the dealer you are working with has a creative and capable finance department.

New model releases: The ideal time to buy a new car is just before the next model years cars are about to be released. Chevy dealers in Lockport will be in a position to offer excellent deals on the existing stock which are about to be dated.

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