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A Few Tips On Protecting Your Home Against Flooding

A Few Tips On Protecting Your Home Against Flooding Posted on January 7, 2015

Your home is probably your single biggest investment and undertaking flood prevention measures to protect it is of the utmost importance. Water damage is far more than just an inconvenience, the damage can be very expensive to repair and the long term consequences include such things are hard to get rid of mold and mildew. The first thing to know about flood control in Skokie is how a home is vulnerable to flooding and the importance of regular inspections and checks of the plumbing system are to prevent an unwanted flood.

There are really two distinct types of floods, one you can do little or nothing about and that is a flood that is the result of natural phenomena, the other type is one where you can exercise some control. Perhaps the most common type of controllable flood is one caused by burst or broken pipes and the most common case of a burst pipe is freezing which is an annual problem in Skokie. Make it your business to find out the best way to protect the pipes in your home from the effects of below zero temperatures.

Check the integrity of the outside drainage system around your property. Those who are experts in flood control in Skokie will be the first to point out that groundwater should not be soaking through the soil layer. Homes that are located in a low lying area or are built on reasonably soft ground are more susceptible to flooding than those built on high ground or firm soil. If your home is in the path of runoff from rain or melting snow you are facing a major problem. The solution may be expensive but fortunately the problem can be dealt with by installing an adequate French drain system that diverts the runoff away from the foundations of the structure.

Check the drains in your home periodically, look for cracks in the pipe or clogs. If your home is located in an area which is prone to flooding the furnace and water heater should be mounted on elevated pedestals.

A major part of flood control in Skokie is to prevent any overflow from bathtubs or sinks, never leave a room unattended if water is running, if you have to leave the room, turn the water flow off. Although it may be difficult to combat overflowing toilets you can help eliminate the possibility by ensuring that there is a plunger close by and that items other than toilet paper are never flushed down the drain.

If you are having problems with unwanted water in or around your house then you will need to speak with experts in flood control in Skokie. You are invited to call North Coast Sewer & Drainage, solving problems in and around Skokie for 35 years.

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