Adding The Finishing Touches With Aluminum Angles

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Business

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There are many different aluminum angles on the market, and each temper and alloy offers different options in strength and finished look. Knowing which features of the aluminum alloy is most important for a particular project or product will help in determining which grade of aluminum is best suited for your needs.

It is important to keep in mind all aluminum angles will be very resistant to corrosion and damage, especially if anodized or mechanically finished to create just the surface look to match the design. They are all considered to be easy to machine, cut, and weld. This makes them a popular option for both custom designs as well as mass produced items such as boats, RVs, trailers, equipment or even for retail displays or OEM manufacturing needs.

Adding Strength
While aluminum angles are designed to protect edges, they are also highly effective at adding strength to the frame or structure. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio which means adding the extra piece of the angle on the edge of a counter, table or even a trailer bed is not going to add significant weight.

It will keep the edge looking sharp and crisp, especially with softer materials such as wood which can easily splinter or become damaged even with relatively minor use.

Adding Visual Appeal
The use of aluminum angles in addition to the look of a boat, trailer, counter area, furniture item or as a decorative molding cannot be underestimated. It can be left clear or satin to give a retro look. Very easy to clean with a damp cloth it will hold its look even with years of hard use.

For a different look, or in specialized applications such as boat trim, furniture or door manufacturing or for countertops in commercial restaurants and retail outlets, anodized and machined surfaces can create just the look you want from highly polished to more of a brushed or satin finish.

Adding Options
While not all suppliers offer custom extrusions, this can be the perfect option for ensuring you get just the aluminum angles you need. With a custom design for trim on any surface corner or edge, there is a wide range of possibilities.

The top companies offer aluminum angles in both equal legs, or edges, or unequal legs. Just be sure to ask the vendor about any special orders you may need if you don’t see just what you want.

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