Adding Value to Energy Efficiency: New Windows Installation in Port Arthur, TX

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One of the most effective ways to add value to a building is to install the highest-quality window products. Older windows can significantly contribute to the loss of energy used to control interior temperature. Quality windows add value by reducing energy costs and improving exterior appeal.

Improved Window Technology

Window technology has had significant and recent improvements to both the glass products used in windows and the framing materials used in fabrication. Windows used in both replacement and new windows installation are held to high standards demonstrated by improved performance and test methods.

Insulating glass units reduce thermal conduction with two or more plates of glass separated by space filled with air or inert gas, as do low-conductance edge spacers. High-performance “low E” glass limits thermal radiation to the outdoors from heated spaces and from the outdoors to cooled spaces.

Modern window framing commonly uses aluminum extrusions with a spacer that isolates the interior from the exterior or PVC extrusions or fiberglass composites that are inherently insulating without a spacer. Aluminum-clad wood framing combines the thermal performance and natural beauty of a wood interior with the durability of a painted or anodized aluminum exterior.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

For new windows installation in Port Arthur, TX, architects use window designs that complement the architecture and exterior appeal of a building. The diversity in design characteristics offered in modern windows gives owners the benefit of new or replacement windows without compromising architectural style.

The classic look of dividing muntins is achieved without sacrificing thermal performance by aluminum grids between the glass surfaces or applied to either the interior or exterior. Extruded aluminum adds flexibility to design, giving owners and architects a variety of window profile options and an even larger variety of high-performance painted or anodized finish options.

Quality of Installation

New windows installation and window replacement service should be performed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals such as Amazing Siding & Roofing. Quality installation requires the use of modern weatherproofing methods that combine the use of sealants, flashing, and good practice in integrating a window installation with new or existing siding installation.

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