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Advantages of an automatic hand dryer

Advantages of an automatic hand dryer Posted on October 6, 2017

An automatic hand dryer is inexpensive to operate, eliminates vandalism and is environmentally friendly. Compared to the alternative; paper towel dispenser, an automatic hand dryer is expensive but the majority of costs ends with the purchase. A paper towel dispenser is less expensive, there is no doubt about this, but the costs begin with the installation. Per towels are expensive to buy, to store and to dispose of and to top it all off, they end up clogging drains in restrooms and pile up on the floor when the waste baskets are left to overflow.

Different types of hand dryers:

Different types of hand dryers operate differently. A manual operated dryer works when a button is depressed; this turns on the power to the heater as well as the blower. An automatic hand dryer eliminates the button; it utilizes a sensor, when a person’s hands are brought into close proximity to the outlet nozzle, the hand dryer turns on. Conversely, when the user’s hands are dry and withdrawn from the air flow, the dryer turns off.

One of the big benefits of an automatic hand dryer is energy consumption. A typical manual unit, one that uses a push button, is programmed to deliver warm air for 60 to 80 sends. A typical warm air hand dryer can do the job in less time; this is extremely inefficient as the dryer is working for no good reason. Automatic hand dryers are fast becoming the most popular and common type.

Benefits to users:

The benefits to facility owners are easy to understand and to put a value on. It is a little different with those people that use the restroom. An automatic hand dryer never runs out; this cannot be said for paper towels. An automatic hand dryer does not leave trash behind, he same cannot be said for paper towels.

For the greatest majority of people, all they want is to dry their hands effectively and they do not want the basins and toilets clogged by vandals who seem to relish stuffing paper towels where they create maximum inconvenience.

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