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Advantages of Hiring a Disability Lawyer In Chicago

Advantages of Hiring a Disability Lawyer In Chicago Posted on March 9, 2020

In a best-case scenario, you work for 43 or 45 years; then, start receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, if you get sick or injured before retirement age, you’ll likely need to file for Social Security disability benefits. That’s when it behooves you to hire an experienced disability law firm in the Chicago area. Here’s why.

Expertise and Knowledge

Established Chicago disability lawyers must study Social Security law and become certified in it to practice the discipline. These enables them to fully understand the disability process and determine under which ailment or injury category you should file your disability claim.

Helps With Paperwork

Most Chicago disability lawyers will help you fill out all paperwork for your disability. This includes the initial application form as well as any appeals documents you file to keep your disability claim open. Your lawyer will also ensure the Social Security Administration receives all of the necessary forms.

Represents You at Hearing

Experienced Chicago disability lawyers will always represent you at your hearing. In fact, your disability attorney will often cite specific medical records to convince the judge that you have a genuine disability. He or she will also counter any arguments made by the vocational expert about work you can supposedly still perform.

Your disability lawyer can help you get both backpay and monthly disability benefits. In fact, you’ll have a much better chance of receiving these benefits with a qualified disability lawyer than without one.

The lawyers at Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. have more than 100 years of combined experienced in disability law, and you can reach the firm at 888-529-0600 or visit our website.

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