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Advantages of the Installation of Storm Windows in Topeka, Kansas

Advantages of the Installation of Storm Windows in Topeka, Kansas Posted on July 28, 2016

Energy efficiency experts generally don’t recommend replacing residential windows only to save energy. The cost of window replacement tends to be expensive enough so that it takes years before the homeowners recoup the payment in the form of energy savings. However, the installation of Storm Windows in Topeka Kansas can help homeowners save money on heating and cooling at a much lower cost than full window replacement. These windows provide a second barrier against the exterior air and act as a form of extra insulation.

An additional advantage is reducing noise from the outside, which is especially appealing to area residents with homes on or near busy roads or bordering a business district. People also may find that the storm windows actually decrease the amount of dust, sand, and airborne dirt that gets in through old, drafty window frames. In a region like Kansas, windy conditions are common, and area residents often find a gritty accumulation of dust even when they’ve kept the windows closed. In winter, those winds create drafts near the window frames that can only be prevented by covering the entire structure with plastic sheeting.

Storm Windows in Topeka Kansas fit over the existing windows. They may be placed in a frame so they can slide up and down and be kept in permanently. Another version allows the windows to easily be installed before winter and quickly removed when the temperatures rise in spring. Window manufacturers have improved storm window design a great deal over the years, responding to frustrations from customers who didn’t like the hassle of the annual installation and removal process. Now, this can essentially be done with a snap-in and snap-out movement in a matter of seconds.

Some homeowners worry that storm windows somehow detract from the appearance of the house, especially if the home has a historic look they want to keep authentic. These home improvement features, as provided by a contractor such as Arrow Exteriors, actually are very unobtrusive. People generally don’t notice the windows unless they are paying particular attention. Visit the website to learn more about this particular contractor.

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