Aircraft Cargo Loaders

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Business

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Every airline industry in America is known to make use of support equipment which makes the process of boarding and de-boarding safer and faster. A lot of aircrafts are used for flying passengers, and with them also comes cargo transfer, both their personal luggage as well as official cargo. The aircrafts have to make use of coordinated ground services to ensure the right cargo reaches the aircraft on time and safely. This is where aircraft cargo loaders come into play; they’re used to efficiently transport cargo from the airport terminal to the airplane.

Transporting Cargo

Aircraft cargo loaders are specialized vehicles designed to hold and transport large loads of cargo, which either needs to be placed on the plane or removed from it. These loaders, sometimes called container loaders, generally have large platforms with powered rollers and hydraulics to maneuver containers onto different types of airplanes. There are various sizes and types of these vehicles available, depending on the volume of cargo to be shifted and how they are used. How cargo is treated is important to airlines, as it has been known to be a basis of reputation, good or bad, for the industry.

Ways to Save

This service, although needed, comes attached with added costs. The aircraft cargo loaders purchase, repairs and maintenance all incur costs for the airline. One option for airlines who are looking to save money on purchasing is to get used equipment which has been refurbished to good working condition or to lease them. For vehicles with such an important service, airlines need effective dealers who can assure quality and deliver reliable products. This is a good option for more specialized loaders as an addition to airlines main aircraft cargo loaders.

Where to Find Aircraft Cargo Loaders

With proper care the life of these assets can be long; often times the older rebuilt models work as good as the day they were made. Mercury GSE is one company which can be relied upon to provide top quality refurbished equipment. Their refurbishing service makes sure every used vehicle they have undergoes the proper quality checks. They make sure all repairs and replacements are undertaken to produce reliable support equipment in good working condition. The company also deals in new products and has them available for immediate delivery. Airlines endure a lot of expenses, so any place they can save money while continuing to provide quality service is a must.

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