Always Have a Beautiful Smile While Using Dentist Dentures in Honolulu

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Dentist

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There are times when a damaged tooth is so far gone that the dentist cannot repair it. The obvious solution is to extract the damaged tooth and create a small bridge to anchor the replacement. An alternative is the use of dental implants. This option allows the replacement of individual teeth by using an inert material such as titanium as an anchor. The dentist will insert the stud or anchor into the jaw bone and, once the wound has healed, will cover it with a porcelain crown. Porcelain is the material of choice because it is both strong and beautiful. Plus, porcelain provides the perfect match for most teeth.

Unfortunately, these solutions won’t work well when many teeth are damaged or missing. For this task, the best choice is dentist dentures in Honolulu. A denture is a single plate crafted to fit either the upper or lower jaw. This allows the muscles and tissue in the jaw to adapt to the dentures, which helps them stay in place. Many people prefer this type of fit to one that requires an adhesive for holding the dental plate in place. The downside to using dentures in this fashion is the loss of gum tissue. Extended use causes the plate to press against the gum, which rubs off portions of the tissue whenever biting or chewing occurs.

To avoid loosely fitting or sliding Dentist Dentures in Honolulu, the experienced dentist may suggest an alternative approach like anchoring studs. These are very similar to the implant previously mentioned with the exception that no crown is placed over the anchor. Instead, the dentist will create a denture that grabs the anchor and secures itself tightly in place. This is a much better alternative than the use of various dental adhesives for this purpose.

If a denture becomes damaged, it is time to consider a replacement. Not using a denture creates a unique set of problems because certain foods will also reduce gum tissue or increase bone loss. At some point, the amount of loss may affect the way dentures fit or even exclude the use of dentures completely. Some of this problem can be avoided with bone grafts. This way, the dentist or oral surgeon can strengthen any areas that are weak.

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