An Emergency Plumber is a Welcome Visitor at any Hour

by | May 21, 2015 | Plumbing

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Plumbing is not an easy job, nor is it a clean one. The typical plumber is confronted with dirty water, unpleasant odors and a messy work environment on a regular basis. When you have a plumbing emergency, there is no one more welcome at your front door than your favorite plumber.

Signs you May Need a Plumber’s Services

The shower drain is clogged with hair, the kitchen sink is backed up with bits of last night’s dinner, the toilet is overflowing, the basement carpet is wet because the sump pump has overflowed – all of these are signs that you need a plumber, and fast. An emergency plumber is relied upon to be there when you need him most. A dripping pipe can wait until morning, but an overflowing toilet is another story.

Plumbing – Not Necessarily a Project for the DIY

Most homeowners have needed to call a plumber at least once in their lifetime. Plumbing is a bit like electrical work. You may be comfortable changing a leaky gasket on your faucet, but repairing faulty pipes and working on your septic connection are jobs best left to the professionals. Only an experienced plumber can react quickly to every plumbing situation. That’s why plumbers are so valued for their services.

Dirty Water Poses Health Risks

While the water coming into your home is clean, the water leaving it is not. When a problem occurs with your toilet or a drain trap, dirty water will make its way indoors. This water can carry harmful bacteria. If you have a plumbing emergency, consult the services of an emergency plumber.

What You Don’t See Could be Worse Than What You Do See

As inviting as water may be in a warm bath or a cool swimming pool, it can have a devastating effect on your home if it accumulates within your walls or under your sinks. A leaky pipe or dripping tap can cause water to rot drywall, stain ceiling tiles and lift flooring. That’s why it is so important to fix small plumping problems before they become big ones.

A sump pump failure that goes undetected can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a basement and its contents. Be sure to keep an eye on your sump pump especially during wet seasons to ensure that everything is working properly. At the earliest sign of a plumbing problem, call an emergency plumber to correct the problem before it gets out of hand.

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