An Industrial Septic System In River Falls WI Will Must Be Installed And Maintained Professionally

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Septic System Service

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When any type of business decides to build where there’s no public waste treatment, they will need an industrial septic system in River Falls WI. This type of system is similar to a residential system except it will be larger and could contain various components that a residential system doesn’t require. For example, a restaurant may have to install a grease trap to collect grease that would normally reach the septic system. A laundromat may have to install filters to catch lint that travels through the system. Just like a residential system, an industrial septic system will have a drain field that must be protected through proper maintenance of the septic tank.

An Industrial Septic System in River Falls WI should have the solids tank pumped regularly to eliminate the chance of food, grease and any other solids from entering the drain field. Once a drain field becomes clogged, it will usually need to be excavated and new pipes installed. An experienced septic system company can routinely perform maintenance on the septic system including removal of accumulated grease in the grease trap. They can measure the solids in the tanks to ensure none will overflow into the drain field. A drain field must be able to release the amount of water that is used as any industrial or commercial operation.

Laundromats use a large amount of water that can flood a drain field that is not large enough. This is why it’s important for an experienced septic system company to install and maintain the septic system. Customers of a laundromat that use powdered soap can also add to additional worries. Powdered soap tends to clump in pipes and septic systems and will increase the amount of solids that are left in the tank. A restaurant that uses a food disposal will also add additional solids to a tank. It is recommended to limit the amount of solids that enter a waste line when using a septic system for waste disposal.

If you currently have an industrial septic system or are considering installation of one, it’s important to contact a knowledgeable septic system company. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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