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Attorney Time Tracking Software Makes Invoicing Easier

Attorney Time Tracking Software Makes Invoicing Easier Posted on December 24, 2014

Law practices which don’t utilize time tracking software that is integrated with their invoicing system are wasting countless hours by duplicating information into multiple systems. A large portion of an attorney’s invoice will be in reference to time spent during the course of a particular case. Starting from day one in the legal profession, an attorney will develop a method which works best for them to keep track of their time and schedule, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the method is user-friendly once it’s time to invoice the client. Using the right software can increase your efficiency, which results in saving you time and money you didn’t even realize was possible.

The role of attorney time tracking software is to assist the lawyer by keeping records utilized in the billing process. While the act of tracking time is extremely important, it is also vital that the system isn’t too difficult to work with. Software designed specifically for tracking time needs to be easy to set up for each and every task a lawyer is required to perform. Simply selecting the case you are about to work on, selecting an action or taking a note about the task performed, and clicking a “Start Timer” button should be all which is needed in order to start working.

The invoicing process is where the real benefit starts to show when using well-designed attorney time tracking software. Anyone who has ever prepared an invoice from scratch can truly appreciate software which is designed to pass information from systems that are updated prior to billing. As time and activities are tracked in other programs in the same suite, the information is being passed on to the billing software and an invoice is developed on your behalf.  If the lawyer successfully uses the system to its full potential, then the vast majority of each client’s invoice will be built for the lawyer and will simply need to be reviewed before submission to the client.

Reducing time spent on invoicing is a valuable enough reason to invest in attorney time tracking software. Online Legal Software is a professional software suite package which was designed with small to medium sized law firms in mind. This legal software package can be utilized to make handling legal business matters more efficient. If you would like to find out more about it and its capabilities,

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