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Avoid a Potential Disaster With Superior Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL

Avoid a Potential Disaster With Superior Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL Posted on January 29, 2016

A failing roof can cause a lot of headaches, but sometimes, making repairs can be just as difficult. Part of the problem is deciding which repair would be worthwhile such as patching versus replacement. Another concern is what type of covering should be used if the building needs complete Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL. Would using galvanized, stamped steel provide more durable coverage over an alternative such as composite or laminated shingles? The upside to making roof repairs is the fact that the homeowner could have a worry free roof repair if they select the right cover.

Understanding the different qualities helps. For instance, stamped steel is a long-lasting roof covering that uses zinc or zinc/aluminum to protect the steel. This helps the materials last for several decades before corrosion becomes a problem. Plus, steel roofing can be used on almost any building due to the large variety of available styles. That is, steel simulates almost any other roofing type including clay tiles and the look of stone. The average warranty on this product is either fifty years or the life of the home, depending on the manufacturer. This doesn’t mean that steel is the best option for every job, although, it can even be installed over an existing asphalt, three-tab covered roof.

The next options are based on current asphalt products. These are the composite and laminated options. Laminated shingles get their strength from the additional layer of product placed or laminated over the back of the shingle. This additional layer strengthens each one so it survives a storm much easier. Laminated shingles are designed so each installation is a bit different.

Alternately, Roof Repairs in Frankfort IL can be made from composite shingles. The difference with them is the additional layer(s) of shingle placed over the front. This gives each shingle and tab a unique thickness which helps this product simulate the look of slate, which was the initial function of composite shingles. Combine the extra thickness with the random shapes used to create the surface and the end result is fairly remarkable. Composite and laminated shingles also tend to be warranted for the life of the home. If roof repair is in the immediate future, then click here for more info.

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