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Being a Locum Tenens Physician – The Upside

Being a Locum Tenens Physician – The Upside Posted on May 25, 2015

Pondering the question, “Why do it?” is a challenging mental exercise, especially when the stakes are high. But it’s invariably less painful to do your homework before you make a decision than it is to answer another common question: “Why DID I do it?” If you are thinking about becoming a locum tenens physician – literally, “a physician who substitutes for or acts temporarily in the place of another” – you are likely familiar with the obvious pros and cons of locum tenens contracts. However, there may be some advantages you have not yet fully explored that would spark further interest and possibly even suggest that a temporary or long-term career as a locum tenens provider would, indeed, meet your personal and professional goals, needs and expectations.

“Upside” considerations – fuel for the mental exercise of answering the “why do it?” question include:

Independence is one of the most commonly cited advantages of working as a locum tenens professional – by the service providers themselves. The notion of deciding where you want to work, when you want to work, and in what environment, and maintaining control over your own income management are compelling reasons to consider locum tenens opportunities.

Higher Compensation
Private contractors command higher payment for their services, a trend not entirely driven by the familiar cycle of supply and demand. Other factors contribute to the understanding that a locum will earn at a higher level of compensation than permanent employees, including:
* Expedient nature of locum tenens positions
* Knowledge that locums are responsible for expenses employers of salaried personnel often share with the employee – or even pay in full

Decreased Overhead Expenses
Without office space, administrative personnel, and the many additional costs associated with maintaining a private practice, decreased overhead can enhance your net income.

No Malpractice Insurance Payments
Typically, your contract will include malpractice insurance, a significant cost savings for a locum tenens physician.

Increased Tax Deductible Expenses
“Save the receipt,” will become your mantra, but the increased total of tax deductible expenses will further undergird your net income.

The promise of variety in geography, community cultures, work environments, duties and learning opportunities can be a catalyst for a decision in favor of a career as a locum tenens doctor.

Increased Opportunity to Travel
Those who find frequent travel invigorating may appreciate the fact that requests for locum tenens physicians exist in many areas people choose as touring or vacation destinations. Contracts often include travel expenses, so you can enjoy new venues as you practice your craft.

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