Benefits of Dental Lasers: Oral Surgeons in Mitchellville, MD

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Dentist

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Lasers have been around for a while, but they are relatively new for use in the field of dentistry. Lasers offer many benefits for dentists and patients alike as they are more precise, sterile, and lend themselves as a better treatment method for many oral issues and cosmetic procedures. In particular, lasers are often used to help treat gum disease and correct gumlines that are too high or too low for cosmetic purposes. Dental lasers are unique due to their precision, accuracy, and effectiveness in treatment. Here are five benefits of dental lasers in treatment.


Lasers sterilize all surfaces that they touch, which means that they eliminate bacteria and infection when used for dental procedures, unlike other instruments which do not offer the same sterility and bacterial-elimination. Less bacteria means less room for infection or other complications, which is what makes lasers a great choice for all procedures, cosmetic and otherwise performed by oral surgeons in Mitchellville, MD.

Shorter Procedure and Recovery

Lasers offer quicker treatment and recovery time. There is less swelling and discomfort before, during, and after any oral surgeon’s laser procedure.

No Cutting

No cutting means less tissue trauma and a better and more comfortable treatment and recovery. Whatever the treatment may be, lasers can replace sutures and allow for a no-cut treatment of your gums from Mitchellville oral surgeons.

Less Discomfort

With the precision and sterility a laser offers, you can expect less discomfort than you would from other dental procedures and surgeries. Being comfortable is important, which is why dental lasers offer such a great advantage for both oral surgeons and patients.

Better End Results

You can get a lot done with a dental laser. The results achieved with non-laser instruments cannot be compared to laser treatments, especially when it comes to the end result. Lasers are excellent for many treatments, both cosmetic and essential by oral surgeons.

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