Benefits of an Automatic Transmission

by | May 7, 2015 | Automotive

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If there is one thing the majority of Americans rely on, it’s their vehicle. A car gets us where we want to go, whether it’s to work each morning, to the hospital in an emergency, or to chauffeur the kids from school, to basketball practice, to dentist appointments. For all that our vehicles do for us, it only makes sense to keep them in good working condition.

Manual or Automatic, Transmissions Keep our Vehicles Moving

Both manual and automatic transmissions keep a car’s engine running properly to provide the vehicle with a range of output speeds. One of the main differences between manual and automatic transmissions is that the manual transmission uses many sets of gears to produce several gear ratios, while an automatic transmission uses one set – a planetary gear set – to produce these gear ratios.

Automatics are Easy to Operate and Have More Power

An automatic transmission requires less effort on the driver’s part than a manual transmission. An automatic is easy to operate because there is no need to shift between gears to reach an appropriate speed, as you would have to do in a manual vehicle. Automatics are also more powerful than manual transmission vehicles. They were designed with greater surface contact between gears, which allows them to shift in a more accurate fashion.

Automatics are More Popular and in Greater Demand

Automatic transmissions are now the norm. They are more popular and in greater demand than manual transmission vehicles, so the resale value of the car is greater than the same model in the manual version.

Better Handling in Traffic

Automatics handle better in traffic. In an automatic, so there’s no clutch to manage. This means that the likelihood that you will stall is much less if you are in an automatic, than if you are in a manual transmission vehicle.

Better Selection

Due to the popularity of automatic over manual, you have more choices when choosing a new or used automatic vehicle. Because of this, automatics also have greater resale value.

Even though cars with an automatic transmission require less effort to drive, they still require effort to ensure they receive regular maintenance. Take care of your vehicle and its transmission, and you’ll have a car you can rely on for years.

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