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Benefits of Plastic Machining

Benefits of Plastic Machining Posted on March 2, 2015

Plastic machining is used in practically every industry you can think of, such as medical, electronics, instrumentation, semiconductor, industrial equipment, diagnostic instruments, nuclear, and many other markets. Plastics change the manufacturing of products in a dimensional tolerance environment, which is effected by humidity, temperature, and machining. All plastics react differently to the various temperature changes involved with machining.

The Art of Plastic Machining

Plastics which are machined help to creating various types of parts and components, but the parts are typically used for low volume environments and which have a short life span. Plastic machining companies understand the art of avoiding corruption with metal fragments and some coolants, as well as annealing and polishing.

Why Use Plastic

Many industries prefer plastic machining over metal machining because plastics are light weight, corrosion resistant and malleable. Plastic machining has to take into consideration the right tools, so it can achieve the right surface finishes and close tolerances. Why employ plastic? Because it eliminates rust and corrosion, it’s cheaper than stainless steel, it’s 15% lighter than steel products, dramatically reduces noise, reduces maintenance, increased reliability, and it is FDA, USDA, NSF and 3-A Dairy compliant.

Plastic Machining Techniques

Employing plastic machining techniques, includes:

* De-burring – Machine burrs are a natural byproduct of the plastic machining. It must be removed without affecting the surface finish of the part. Having an effective de-burring procedure results in plastic parts which are stronger and more cost effective.
* Finishing – Finishing for plastic machined parts requires specific tools to achieve quality machining speeds.
* Workholding and Fixturing – When plastic machining, the plastic needs to be fixed carefully so the material is not stressed. Fixturing the plastic before machining begins makes sure residual stress is eliminated during manufacturing.
* Hardware inserts – Plastic machined parts can contain thread inserts. This helps plastic parts to achieve greater thread strength. Stress relieving before plastic machining is completed before production process to produce the necessary close tolerances.

Clarity in Plastic Machining

Clarity and stress cracking are typically the biggest problem plastic machining customers have with other plastics machining vendors. Clarity involves CT Plastics, which is a preferred supplier among many laboratories and its use for diagnostic instruments, which require clear, acrylic components. Vapor polishing and flame polishing gives the highest level of clarity which is achievable through a machined part. Expert plastic machining companies, provides clarity from prototypes to high volume production.

Top Plastic Machining Manufacturer

With over 25 years in the plastic machining business, PEP Connecticut Plastics has used only the finest materials. PEP expertly machines plastic components for numerous customers in nearly every industry. Their years of experience in custom plastic machining make them one of the leading manufacturers of machining plastic. They have on-time delivery, from when you order to the final shipment of your high quality precision plastic components. With years of knowledge and experience specialized in only plastic machining, they have continued with years of excellent results.

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