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Best Tips for Window Replacement

Best Tips for Window Replacement Posted on April 19, 2018

If you are looking to install new windows in place of your old ones, there are a few things you should know before diving headfirst into your project. Window replacement is a great solution to when your old windows become too worn-down, broken, cracked, or are just no longer as energy-efficient as you’d like them to be. In order to install new windows that will last you a lifetime, here’s what you need to do.

Types of Windows to Replace

There are many different types of windows that you can install. They are typically sorted into two different categories:

  • Full-frame replacement windows, which will replace everything including the frame that is attached to your house
  • Pocket replacement windows, which only replace the sashes and typically include smaller windows to fit inside the existing frames

While most owners prefer to install pocket replacement windows themselves, there are plenty of benefits to having a full-frame replacement as well. The choice is yours, and just remember that there are plenty of tools at your disposal to help you if you need a professional touch.

Remove the Old Window

The first step in replacing your windows is to remove the one needing replaced. While the steps to remove an old window may be similar, keep in mind that all windows are built differently, so be sure to follow the specifications as designated by your manufacturer.

You’ll want to remove your storm window first, then gently score along the edge of the frame to remove it. Be cautious, though, as some sash springs are under tension and might snap once they begin to be removed. Watch out for all springs and mechanical devices. You’ll want to remove the sash last. Then, fill all holes with wood filler before installing your new windows.

Installing the New Windows

Installing your new windows can be a complex yet rewarding process. Just remember to go slow and steady to ensure that all pieces are in working order. When installing new windows, you want to start with the sill, making sure it is taped and supported before you work on the frame.

The most important thing you can do during the installation process is to ensure that everything is level. You can dry fit your window into the new frame as many times as you need before applying the finishing touches.

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