Braces Are For Adults As Well

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Dentist

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People tend to associate braces with teens and young adults, an orthodontist in Elmhurst can just as easily fit adults with braces.

If, over the years you have maintained your teeth well and have carefully looked after your teeth then you are probably a good candidate for braces. If, on the other hand you have numerous missing teeth or your teeth are in less that stellar condition chances are that braces are not for you. If you feel you are a good candidate and you have decided to look into braces, your general dentist will usually arrange for you to visit an orthodontist in Elmhurst. Many general dentists do not offer this specialty. Once you are with the orthodontist you can expect to be subjected to a very complete visual review of your oral cavity as well as the shape and form of your face. The orthodontist, upon completion of this initial review is well positioned to answer all your questions, offer his or her expert advice and provide you with a cost estimate.

The orthodontist in Elmhurst will be brutally honest with his opinion and assessment, braces are either possible or they aren’t. Based on his professional opinion, if the orthodontist believes you are an excellent candidate, and you should agree, then appointments will be made for future work to be done. X-Rays are taken, molds of your teeth are made and facial photos are taken; with all this information at hand the orthodontist can develop a “plan of attack” so to speak on how best to approach straightening your teeth to perfection.

The orthodontist will lay out his plan, in certain cases there is more than one approach, if this the case with you the different approaches will be discussed at which time you and the orthodontist can make the correct decision. There is often different appliances that can be used, there may also be a need for extractions to allow room for the teeth to move as planned.

If, after the initial consultation you need a little time to consider the options that is no problem, once you have decided to go ahead with the fitting of braces a final visit will allow the details to be firmed up and work can begin.

Braces are no longer something that is reserved for young people, having teeth straightened, even in a person’s adult years is a growing trend, it is no longer odd to see an adult wearing braces.

Regardless of your age, if your teeth are in good condition your orthodontist in Elmhurst can fit you with braces. You are invited to get in touch with Oakbrook Orthodontics, arrange for a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate. Visit them online at

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