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Brick Damage And Repair

Brick Damage And Repair Posted on April 25, 2017

With a little routine maintenance a brick chimney will last for many years without giving problems. However, even a chimney that has been attended to will eventually require a little more than simply re-pointing, brick repair in Chicago will eventually need to be made. There are potential problems that the majority of homeowners may not even be aware of.

Spalled bricks:

In masonry terms a broken brick is a “spalled” brick, this is most commonly seen when the surface of the brick actually falls off.

There are numerous reasons why bricks fail, in the Northern US the biggest problem is continual freeze and thaw cycles. Bricks are typically manufactured with a very hard shell that is the results of firing clay bricks after they have been formed. As good as this surface is; it can eventually begin to break away, once this happens the soft inner core of the brick is exposed. As the inner core of a brick is quite porous, water enters the brick and damage accelerates.

Those professionals that do brick repair in Chicago can actually remove the brick or bricks that have spalled and replace them.

Damaged bricks:

A problem that is often not even recognized until it is to late is damage that can be done to a brick when the surface is sandblasted or cleaned with a high pressure washer. Sandblasting and pressure washing can reduce the hardened edges, allowing water to enter the brick with the inevitable results.

Spalled bricks and damaged bricks need to be replaced. If the spalling is caused by incorrect mortar then it will be necessary to replace both the bricks and mortar.

It is always a good idea to periodically look at the brickwork around your home, paying particular attention to the chimney as it is more susceptible to damage.

The bricks on your home are extremely important and they must not be allowed to deteriorate. If you should spot damage you need to arrange brick repair in Chicago as soon as possible. You are invited to contact Fortune Restoration.

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