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Buying Car Insurance in Austin TX for Old Cars

Buying Car Insurance in Austin TX for Old Cars Posted on July 3, 2014

Many motorists in the Austin area have older vehicles. One advantage of driving an older vehicle is that the insurance costs can be reduced. With new cars, lenders almost always require full coverage so that they get repaid even if the borrower is found responsible for crashing the vehicle. Expensive vehicles should have full coverage since the replacement cost is so high. On the other hand, the cost of used Car Insurance in Austin TX can be less since full coverage is not needed. To decide what coverage is best, insurance professionals analyze each driver’s needs.

When selecting collision and comprehensive coverage, a deductible needs to be chosen. The amount of the deductible will reduce the amount that the insurance company will pay. Furthermore, the insurance company will not pay more than what the car is worth today in the condition just prior to the accident. It doesn’t matter what the consumer paid when the car was originally purchased. Current value is what matters. Insurance adjusters are quite good at figuring out what the condition of the vehicle was just prior to the accident. In particular, damage unrelated to the accident will cause a reduction in the claim benefit paid. Most old cars have little current value and possibly some existing damage that was never fixed from previous incidents. Finally, consumers need to consider the cost of premiums that were paid. In the end, the check from the insurance company for a collision or comprehensive claim on an old car may be very little. Always work with an agent to make the best decisions about coverage.

Even if full coverage is not purchased, it is still important to have sufficient liability coverage. It is a good idea for motorists to have sufficient liability limits that matches their net worth. Lawsuits from auto accidents may results in judgments of $300,000 or more depending on the severity of injuries. An old car worth only $1000 can cause serious injuries or death. That is why it is very important to have sufficient liability coverage even though the vehicle itself is old.

Those who need more information and assistance on coverage options, policy limits, or anything else to do with Car Insurance in Austin TX should contact Patrick Court at State Farm.

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