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Calling An Appliance Service in Henderson NV

Calling An Appliance Service in Henderson NV Posted on January 8, 2018

When someone discovers they have a refrigerator that is leaking, it is likely they will want to remedy the situation as soon as possible so their floors do not become damaged and so food supply is not lost. Most people will call an Appliance Service in Henderson NV to help with the repair work of a leaking refrigeration unit. There are however a few steps that can be taken in an attempt to alleviate a leaking problem. Here are some tasks that can be taken before making a service call.

Check The Collection Area For Wear

Underneath a refrigerator is a collection tray for condensation. If this tray is worn, water can leak out to the floor. Checking the tray for apparent cracks or holes can be beneficial in stopping leaking from happening. A new tray can be purchased from an appliance supply store or the old one can be patched using adhesive.

Make Sure Tubing Is Not Blocked

There is tubing that leads from a freezer to the collection tray under a refrigerator. This will remove any condensation from within the unit. If this tubing becomes blocked with an obstruction, condensation will not be diverted as necessary. Ice chunks can be removed from the tubing by defrosting a refrigerator. Alternately, the refrigerator can be unplugged and a hair dryer can be positioned so it blows toward tubing. This will melt any obstructing ice so water can once again flow through tubing when the unit is plugged back in.

Assess The Condition Of The Gasket

The gasket used on the door of a refrigerator will provide a seal so the inside contents do not become warm. If air is able to get through to the inside of the unit, condensation is likely to occur. The gasket should be free of cracks and should not be dry-rotted. If the gasket appears to be worn, a new one can be affixed to the door to protect the contents of the appliance.

When there is a need to hire an Appliance Service in Henderson NV, finding one known for their competitive pricing is desirable. Give a call to Priority Appliances to find out more today.

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