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Caring for a Chimney or Wood Stove in Frederick MD

Caring for a Chimney or Wood Stove in Frederick MD Posted on July 21, 2014

Chimney maintenance should be done annually. Before you light your first fire in the fall the chimney should be cleaned and your chimney should be checked for damage to the masonry or the cap. Choose website for your chimney repair and maintenance needs or wood stove or gas fireplace insert installation.

Chimney cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. When a fireplace or wood stove is used, flammable creosote can build up inside the chimney which can create a fire danger. The buildup can become so thick the smoke and vapors from the fire enter the home instead of exiting through the chimney which can create a carbon monoxide hazard. You may use creosote logs to clean your chimney, but they are ineffective at removing all the buildup. They can also leave debris inside the chimney creating another fire hazard. A professional chimney cleaning service can actually remove the creosote buildup in addition to identifying cracks or other hazards inside the chimney. They will also be able to repair the masonry, install caps, (to keep out squirrels or other rodents) and clean air ducts.

Chimney service companies also perform dryer vent cleaning. Lint builds up in the dryer vent as it is used and can shorten the life of the dryer and become a fire risk. Professionals can clean it out, prolonging your dryer’s life, increasing its efficiency, and eliminating the fire risk. When professionals clean your dryer vent they may also find nests from any creatures who have chosen to make their homes there, which is yet another fire danger. Homeowners should have their dyer vents cleaned every 1-3 years.

A wood stove can add an element of comfort to your home in addition to reducing electric costs and adding a backup source of warmth if there ever is a power outage in the winter. Finding a Wood Stove in Frederick MD is easy; wood stoves and gas fireplace inserts, are available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate the size and decor of your home.

A manual cleaning is important to maintain the life of your chimney and prevent fire damage to your home, from using your fireplace or Wood Stove in Frederick MD. Professional chimney service companies can help you keep on top of chimney issues.

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