Carpet Cleaning in Edina Provides a Fresh-smelling and Sanitized Environment

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning in Edina and the Minneapolis area not only promises a fresher, more sanitized environment, it also enhances you and your family’s health. A CBS news report dated January 26, 2012 supported this statement.

Clean the Carpet More Often if Your Family Suffers From Allergies

The news report said that cleaning a carpet improved the appearance of a home and extended carpet life. However, the most valuable benefit associated with the process was the improvement of health. If family members suffer from such conditions as asthma or snoring, carpeting should be vacuumed at least three times during the week.

If you live in Minneapolis, you can also benefit greatly from retaining carpet cleaning in Edina and the surrounding Minneapolis area.

Primary Benefits

Carpet cleaning will result in one of three primary benefits.

* Elimination of the trapped pollutants and contaminants;
* Getting rid of any infestation of dust mites and;
* Preventing mold growth.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Kills Dust Mites

If you want to make sure that carpet cleaning in Edina or other locations is effective, you will want to contract the services of a carpet cleaning company that features steam cleaning services. Steam cleaning is a non-chemical approach to carpet cleaning as it uses very hot water to sanitize the carpet and kill dust mites.

A Deep Clean Kind of Clean

Steam carpet cleaning in Edina and elsewhere uses very warm water to sanitize rugs and carpet fibers. Also called external extraction, via a registered trademark, this type of cleaning is the only one of its kind that is a deep clean kind of clean.

Interim Cleaning

Other carpet cleaning methods, such as carpet shampooing, are referred to as interim cleaning or light surface cleaning as the process does not reach deep into the pile of the carpet to get rid of dirt or dust.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend extraction cleaning or steam cleaning in order to clean a carpet. In fact, the process can be used to clean furnace ductwork and restore properties that were fire-damaged.

Clean and Sanitary

Using deep-cleaning steam equipment ensures that any deep-cleaning task, whether it involves air ducts, carpeting or counters, will not merely touch the surface but will fully clean a rug or surface and sanitize it too.

Heating the Water

Steam carpet cleaning systems are usually configured to truck-mounted units that run in neutral when carpets are cleaned. Other processes include using a truck with an engine that operates on oil or propane and heats the water to produce the steam. The temperature can run as high 200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you don’t want the temperature to be excessive either as you increase the risk for scalding or damaging carpet fibers.

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