Chiseled Granite Tile in Sacramento, CA Is Ideal for Rustic or Outdoor Kitchens

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Tiles

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When it comes to decorating a kitchen or bathroom space, nothing beats the unrivaled elegance of granite. Selecting the right granite texture for a room is just as important as choosing a complementary color. While many homeowners prefer the sleek look of polished granite or the weathered feel of bush-hammered stone, chiseled granite has a unique appearance that blends well with a charming rustic decor. Whether creating a new outdoor cooking space or remodeling an interior kitchen design, chiseled granite tile in Sacramento CA adds a bit of simplistic beauty to any area.

Granite Countertops and Flooring Retain Their Original Color

Unlike some materials that may fade or experience discoloration, granite retains its natural shade with proper care. In fact, while kitchen cabinets and appliances may lose their luster, granite tiles often maintain their natural vibrancy even after decades of use. Because the stone is very porous, it is important that all tiles contain a protective sealant. This will help to prevent any potential stains and protect the stone’s natural color from damage. Fortunately, granite flooring and countertops are easy to maintain and don’t require the use of expensive household cleaning products.

Create an Eclectic Kitchen Decor with Chiseled-Edge Countertops

The type of countertop edge selected should complement the existing kitchen design. A bull-nose edge is popular because of the soft look it provides while an ogee edge adds a more decorative appeal. However, some design enthusiasts may prefer an eclectic choice that combines a variety of styles. While Chiseled Granite Tile in Sacramento CA certainly has a rustic feel, it can also be successfully incorporated into modern kitchen styles too.

Granite countertops are a nice addition to kitchens that have stone or hardwood flooring. When attempting to match a granite countertop with stone flooring, a simple solution is choosing a floor tile that contains a shade similar to the dominant color of the countertop. This eliminates the hassle of trying to find an exact match and also prevents the designer from selecting a shade that provides too much contrast.

To learn more about the benefits and options available with granite installation, contact Palm Tile & Stone Gallery to schedule an appointment today. Palm Tile’s skilled staff of designers and spacious showroom floor make them a leader in the granite industry in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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