Choose Cambria for a beautiful, but environmentally friendly product

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Business

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Cambria is a natural stone that is perfect for many of the surfaces of your home. Granite is one of the strongest stones in the world, and Cambria, being 93% composed of quartz, is even harder. It’s an incredibly beautiful stone and comes in a wide variety of colors and vibrant tones. One of the things that homeowners often say about it is that it has wonderful reflectivity, and sometimes it feels as though it has 3D qualities because of the depth that is apparent in the stone.

The advantages of using Cambria

While granites and marbles are imported stones, Cambria is American-made, and is a product of great craftsmanship. It has all the elegance and timeless appeal of marble or granite but is almost completely maintenance free. This is unlike marble that is quite porous and thus needs constant wiping down to ensure that it doesn’t stain. Marble also reacts to certain acids – even mild acids such as those found in a lemon – so it’s important to take great care of the product. This isn’t necessary for the very hard-wearing Cambria stone – you simply need to wash it with warm water. It doesn’t require additional sealing and you never need to polish it.

Finding a Cambria stocking distributor

If this is the type of product that you would like to have gracing your home, it’s a good idea to search for a supplier on the Internet. One company, Carmel Imports, is one of the leading Cambria stocking distributor in San Jose. Before you purchase, check that the dealer is offering a lifetime guarantee and find out about the transportation requirements. Something that you can be proud of when purchasing this product is that creating it has a minimal effect on the environment as it comes from minerals mined in the US and 100% of the water used during the processing procedure is recycled. Even the scrap material is often collected and is reused in ways such as road base material or for construction projects. How wonderful it will be to have an exquisite product that you know is also ecologically sound.

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