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Choosing the Best Soccer Goal For You

Choosing the Best Soccer Goal For You Posted on August 3, 2018

If you or your kids love soccer, what could be better than a portable goal that you can set up at home so that you can practice scoring any time? Even if you don’t have a backyard of your own, you can easily carry a portable goal to a local park. Below are some of the things to take into consideration when choosing between the various portable soccer goals available.


Most goals can be packed up when not in use, which makes them great for backyards with limited space. However, if you’re buying a goal that you plan to transport regularly rather than leave set up in the yard, it’s important to choose one that can be put up and packed away quickly and easily.


Portable goals are often the pop-up variety, which is dome-shaped like a pop-up tent. Although these are very easy to set up, they don’t give the authentic feel of a rectangular goal, so it’s important to consider whether the ease of setting up is worth the difference in shape.


The first consideration is how much room you have available for a goal, even if it will only be stored at home. Bigger is better, but there’s no point in buying a goal that you have no space for! Portable soccer goals especially need to be small enough so they are light and easy to carry.

The next biggest consideration is the age of the players that will be using it. For younger children or a smaller backyard, 6ft is the most popular size. If you’re tight on space, goals come as small as 3ft, although these are only suitable for very small children or target practice.

Now you’re ready to pick out the best soccer goal for you and your budding soccer stars!

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