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CIPP Lining Means No Trench Digging Is Needed to Repair Sewer Pipes

CIPP Lining Means No Trench Digging Is Needed to Repair Sewer Pipes Posted on July 2, 2019

Sometimes a man remains an unsung hero even though he invented something that has improved our lives in a fundamental way. One such man is British engineer Eric Wood. In 1971, he invented CIPP, the Cured-In-Place Pipe.

CIPP Explained

CIPP is a simple but powerful idea to repair underground pipes. It is most often used in sewer applications. It’s an ingenious method that involves inserting a sleeve made of epoxy resin into a damaged pipe. The sleeve is then inflated from the surface, making it expand to completely line the interior surface of the pipe.

Creates “Like-New” Pipe

When the CIPP sleeve hardens, it’s like creating an all-new sewer pipe. The wonderful thing about CIPP is that it eliminates the need to dig large, disruptive trenches to reach underground pipes. The entire procedure is handled from the surface. Before inserting the expandable epoxy liner, workers perform an inspection by sending a camera through the pipe to get real-time images of blockages or potential damage.

If blockages are discovered, the repair crew will send in a pneumatic cleaning tool. Once the pipe is prepped and cleared, the CIPP lining can be put in place.

How to Locate a Provider

Anyone who suspects they have a problem with a sewer pipe can readily locate a professional service that offers CIPP repairs. People living in the Des Moines metropolitan area can search the internet for CIPP lining services in Perry, Iowa, to find a provider that serves their community.

Projects Big and Small

CIPP lining is a marvelous pipe rehabilitation solution for a cast-iron drainpipe. It can solve problems with waste sewer lines for commercial properties as well as residential structures. That includes large industrial buildings and expansive properties.

CIPP lining services in Perry, Iowa, have spared local customers disruptive digging while saving them thousands of dollars on each pipeline repair completed.

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