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Clever, Cute, and Cool Bowling Invitations

Clever, Cute, and Cool Bowling Invitations Posted on September 29, 2014

So, you’ve decided to throw a bowling party. You already have the decorations planned, as well as the time, place, and food. The only thing you need to do now is to write and send out the bowling invitations.

Like any birthday party, it is nice to match the invitation’s message and graphics with the theme of the party. In the case of a bowling party, the invitations can be very creative.

Electronic Bowling Invitations

There is an E-vite for everything, and if your friends and social circle are active e-mail users, you can send the easiest bowling invitation. Find a template in your favorite e-card or e-invite platform with a bowling theme, and customize it. With e-vites, you can even keep track of RSVP’s easily than you can with paper invitations.

Interactive Bowling Invitations

Find a bowling invitation that allows the invitee to “pre-game.” Some bowling invitations include a “punch out” feature that allows the receiver to punch out the pins, stand them, and slide a paper ball at them. Although this bowling invitation is mostly novel, it serves its purpose and definitely catches attention.

Standard Bowling Invitations

You can’t argue with the utility of a standard, hand written invitation. You can find bowling invitations from online retailer or in party stores. They will usually feature the standard pins and bowling ball symbols, but you can decorate these one-page invitations with additional bowling stickers.

Pop up Cards

Do you really want to get your invitees attention? Mail them a bowling pop up card! They are a unique way to show that you really value the presence of your guest. Bowling pins, balls, and alleys are a perfect backdrop for some eye-catching popup art.

DIY Bowling Invitations

If you don’t want to order invitations from an online supplier or party store, you can use card stock paper for a DIY bowling invitation.

  • Make cut-outs of pins and a bowling ball to add pop and texture to the cover of the invite.
  • Incorporate bowling words like “Strike,” “Hook,” or “Slide” into the invitation. You can get as creative and silly as you like with phrases like, “This weekend, strike up some fun with us!” or “Don’t be a gutter ball, RSVP for the party today!”
  • Fashion the invitations themselves into pin or ball shapes.

Things to Remember About You Bowling Invitation

There is no right or wrong way to tell your guests when, where, and how to arrive at your bowling party. What matters most is conveying the information your guests need in order to be part of the celebration. However, there’s nothing wrong with a bowling invitation that tells your guests to, “Knock me out with your presence at my bowling party!”

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