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Commercial Roof Repair—The First Tool in the Box is a Good Maintenance Plan

Commercial Roof Repair—The First Tool in the Box is a Good Maintenance Plan Posted on February 29, 2016

Commercial roofing systems are often under-represented in asset management strategies. Not only does a commercial roof protect the building and the people, assets and information inside it, but it also represents a significant investment for a structure of any size. Although commercial roofing systems are designed with the longevity of performance as a priority, one of the best ways to prevent “early retirement” for this important asset is to apply systematically a thoughtfully developed roofing maintenance plan.

Complete Roofing Inventory for Site

Many building owners know little about the details of the roofs on their commercial properties, and site managers may not have been on the job when the current system was installed. Knowing what products are on board and the information about maintenance requirements and warranty expiration are vital, however, to be able to anticipate future commercial roof repair needs. Managing the life cycle of the roof is more effectively and efficiently accomplished if a complete roofing inventory—with dates of installation, product listings, warranty information and other pertinent data—is up-to-date and readily available.

Regular Professional Inspections

Getting the most out of your commercial roof depends largely upon minimizing minor problems before their effects become major issues. Ensuring regular inspections by skilled professionals are accomplished key to maintaining the integrity of your system. Roofing experts will check for signs of water leaks or ponding, warping of materials, membrane breaches, tell-tale staining, and wind damage.

Record Keeping

* The benefits of maintaining a maintenance log, with regular, detailed entries are numerous:

* Provides easy access to information that will guide future repairs or replacement planning

* Documents warranty-specified preventive maintenance action

* Facilitates estimation of longevity of roofing elements as a whole and the system as a unit

* Demonstrates accountability to asset owners and managers

* Establishes trends in roof element failure so that alternatives can be selected upon replacement

Repair and Replacement

Preventive maintenance is important—and often required in order to keep warranties intact—so budgeting time and finances to accommodate anticipated commercial roof repair is an essential part of the maintenance plan “tool.”

And eventually, every roof will need to be replaced. The often dreaded event will not take you by surprise, however, if you have adopted and applied your commercial roof maintenance repair plan.

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