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Common Reasons to Hire a Drilling Service in Hawaii

Common Reasons to Hire a Drilling Service in Hawaii Posted on July 1, 2019

Think the only reason to hire a Drilling Service in Hawaii is to pave the way for new construction? Think again. Most commercial drilling companies offer a variety of services aimed at property owners with existing structures. Read on to find out about some of the most common types of projects completed by drilling companies.

Foundation Leveling

Buildings of all sizes, from tiny residential homes to massive commercial spaces, rely on their foundations for stability. If contractors did not prepare the site properly before installing the foundation, it could wind up causing parts of the building to sink. This can throw the entire building out of level.

The solution is to have the foundation releveled. A Drilling Service in Hawaii can be hired to level the building and either repair its existing foundation or drill a new one.

Remedial Underpinning

Remedial underpinning is a process by which contractors add additional supports to existing foundations. They can perform this process either at or below grade. It’s important to work with a drilling company that has an engineer on staff who can carefully evaluate the structure and the underlying soil conditions to design a system that won’t cause settling.

Underpinning can involve the digging of piers or reinforced piles. In difficult conditions that prevent the installation of driven piles or dug piers, contractors can also use micro-piles for remedial underpinning. Using micro-piles also helps to prevent foundation damage to adjacent buildings.

Compaction Grouting

Grouting compacts soils prior to new construction or as part of a foundation remediation project. When vibration grouting could unnecessarily disturb nearby structures or soils, contractors can use a process known as compaction grouting instead. It involves injecting mortar into the soil under pressure, displacing soil and compacting it as the mortar takes its place.

Additional Services

Compaction grouting, remedial underpinning, and foundation releveling are just three of the most common services provided by commercial drilling companies. Others include load transfer, slope stabilization, shoring systems, sea wall repair, and other essential work.

Want to find a reputable drilling company who can prepare a site for new construction, stabilize the foundation of an existing building, or provide other important remediation services? Visit today. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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