Common Services Offered at Local Auto Body Repair Shops in Newport News, VA

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Auto Repair

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The body of your car is usually made from a reinforced alloy or a combination of materials that are durable, yet lightweight. Modern vehicles are considerably lightweight as compared to their older counterparts. This allows for greater speeds and control on the road, and even provides improved aerodynamics. However, the downside is that the body of the vehicle is relatively fragile, and even a slight bit of impact can leave a dent on your car. If your car is damaged in an accident, you should take it to one of the many auto body repair shops in your area. Here are a few common services offered by local auto body repair shops.


If your car is damaged or scratched from any side, the paint will be the first to sustain damage. The thick layer of paint might get scratched off over time, which means that you will need to get that panel repainted. Almost every body shop provides repainting services. You can contact Bruce’s Super Body Shops if you want to get any part of your repainted. The company will need to match the color with the existing paint job on the car as well before a new coat is applied.

Dent Repairs

If there are dents in your car, you should take it to a local body shop for repairs. There are several auto body repair shops in Newport News, VA that provide dent repair services. The company can repair different kinds of dents from your car. If it’s a small dent, the company may use paintless dent repair to fix the dent. These are a few common services offered at local body repair shops.

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